A Time To Give Thanks


Today I am writing my 100th blog post. One hundred! A hundred posts of self-generated content! Even I find it hard to believe. It’s been about two years since I started this journey of pursuing my dream of taking up writing as a career path. From that unsure, tentative voice to a bolder one, I have to say that it has been an interesting journey. It seems just like yesterday when I published my first article on this platform. I was nervous about sharing it, I wasn’t certain how people would receive me. I had many doubts and worried about how I would sustain putting out original content every single week, while also holding a day job. I wasn’t sure I would last three months, but here I am two whole years later with a reasonable following for a blog that doesn’t post gossip.

Coincidentally, yesterday was International Women’s Day, and so, in that spirit, I am taking a break from posting my regular articles. Today, I just want to celebrate myself. I am thankful. I am grateful for the awesome people I have met on this journey of mine. I am happy when I meet or receive messages from strangers who tell me how much they appreciate what I do here. I am immensely thankful for the tremendous goodwill I have received and continue to receive from people from different walks of life because of what I am privileged to do. I am super grateful for family, friends and well-wishers who keep encouraging me when I doubt myself. I am thankful for those who never allow to be complacent and keep pushing me to do better. It’s been interesting. It’s been a roller coaster ride. It’s been frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. It’s been plenty of hard, sleep depriving work. Writing is NOT easy, but I have loved every bit of it.

I have discovered myself more through my pieces. It has brought me peace and comfort in times of despair. It has given me a medium of expression. I absolutely love the fact that I have something to look forward to beyond the often mechanical motions of every day life. It has shown me that I can achieve anything I desire to as long as I believe in God and I’m ready to put in the work required. I am not much of a big planner, so I cannot really say what will happen next. I would rather take each day as it comes, while definitely striving to improve myself as each day passes.

I will be giving out some call credit to a few of my readers as a token of my appreciation for all the support. I was informed that I didn’t do it right the first time, so this time around I will make it fairer by omitting a number in each of the cards, so one person doesn’t get to load them all in a flash.

Thank you all so much for all the love, support and even criticisms. May you find and fulfill purpose.


P.S:  As some of you already know, I was invited to participate and handle a workshop on essay writing by the Reflector Team at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife last weekend. It was a new experience for me, and I was quite shy and nervous. But, I decided to face my fears like I always try to do, and it went much better than I had imagined. Below are some of the pictures from the event; 

Taking a workshop on essay writing
Taking a workshop on essay writing


Practice session with a participant at the workshop


Prof Remi Sonaiya (former presidential candidate) reads from her book at the reading session


Panel discussion on the role of women in literature


Renowned Nigerian Poet Jumoke Verissimo takes the poetry session


Cross-section of participants at the Reflectors Book Fest
Cross-section of participants at the Reflectors Book Fest


The Give-away…

Mtn: 7093 9*17 0281 4563

Etisalat: 0*531 46133 04815

Airtel: 0407 3017 7425 *842

Glo: 37372 1*000 55812

Etisalat: 150*6 56117 29817

Mtn: *257 9824 2985 7990

Glo: 37371 73944 971*9

Airtel: 0018 00*5 3406 7307



30 Replies to “A Time To Give Thanks”

  1. Congrats Lolade, I’m really proud of you and happy for you. The small steps and drops keep adding up. Who knows, maybe they’ll just add up to a Nobel prize or any similar acclaim one day. Keep up the good work. The best is yet to come. If this is a dream I won’t wake you.

    Thanks a lot for the airtime too. I got like 3 after many attempts and several barrings. God bless you richly, Amen.

    1. Haa! Ope, only you three! Lool. Chai, diaris God o! Thanks a lot for all the support and encouragement friend. You are one person that inspires me too.

  2. Well done and congratulations. There’s more to come your way given your diversity commitment. Fly like an eagle dear..the sky is endless. Celebrating with you and the 100th post. Doing a search of the one I easily remember..??..??. I think it will be the ‘I love tuface’, mourinho’s editions and this one on the real Nigerians who work tirelessly on the streets.
    Thanks for the commitment.

    NB. This style of giving call credits will have phones barred by network providers oo and definitely leaves out your international readers

    1. Thank you sir. Oh well, maybe I’ll try another method next time. I was just trying to avoid a situation where one person gets almost all the give away. Thanks for always reading and supporting.

  3. This time,I am one of the beneficiaries and you know what,d word, “Perseverance” became more meaningful to me in this case because I almost gave up at a point. Thanks Lolade for the give-away/gift. Hope to get more of these in the future.

  4. Yaaay!!!
    Lolade, well done on this feat. I am really proud of you. keep up the good work, I am rooting for you. Though, I did not win any of the call credit as Dr. Adediran had taken all of it, I will celebrate you with a piece of chocolate later today. To writing recognition and awards!!!

  5. well done Ololade. l always love your write ups for their originality. like you mentioned,”self generated and not gossips”


  6. Indeed Lolo,You are a source of inspirations. You are doing a wonderful work. God bless you. I have been following you from day one you started although I don’t get to leave a message like that,but I must confess every of your lines has been worthwhile and encouraging. It is my prayer that the work God has placed in your hand will continue to flourish and impact lives. Keep the good work going, you are blessed beyond measures darling. Congratulations!! Looking forward to read more of… meanwhile how do we get to have the recharge card o (lol).

  7. Lolade am so happy for you and am really proud of you.Your best is yet to come like I always tell you because God will surely take you to that greater height where you are destined to be.Ride on friend with God always by your side. The whole world will celebrate you.

  8. 100 posts? Cool!!! Big congratulations dear. Looking forward to reading the 1000th post. I’m sure you will go even further.
    I missed the call credit again…maybe I’ll win a free air ticket when you start giving those out.
    Shine on!

  9. Congrats, Lolo,I am really proud of you,you are indeed an inspiration,I am really inspired by your strength, hard work and determination. I pray for more recognition for your works,more money and more fame. The sky is the limit,may the good Lord continue to give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

  10. How did i manage to miss this particular post???

    Huge congrats to you Lolade. Unimaginable heights of achievement and success await you. Cheers!

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