All Swag No Substance

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It is one of the most used slangs in the social media world! And a prerequisite for being perceived as cool in this interesting generation. In the virtual communities and networks you are nobody if you ain’t got swag. Swag which is an abbreviation of the word swagger is all about style, coolness and confidence. It doesn’t hurt to possess swag especially in these times where virtually everything is based on the visual- physical appearance and fashion. I have no issues with swag except that more and more I see swag replace common sense. I see swag replace modesty. I see swag replace good morals and tact. I see swag replace substance! The truth is that many young people are all about the swag and have very little substance. Too many people are only concerned about being flashy in appearance and style with little or no depth to their character. For a lot of people between the ages of 18-35 it is all about the looks, the clothes and shoes, and of course social media validation based on the number of likes they can amass for a picture. It’s all about the swag!

It is not out of place in these times to see a 30 year old man wearing drooping pants all in the name of swag. Swag is now defined by getting weird piercings and tattoos in the strangest of body parts, wearing dog chains and jeans that almost drop to the knees, not forgetting a poor imitation of some foreign accent. The swag we know is ephemeral- a shallow facade. Many forget that swag isn’t going to pay the bills 20 years down the line. Ten years down the line, swag will no longer impress that lady who agreed to marry you even though she may have been attracted to you because of that at first. Substance on the other hand naturally commands the right kind of attention that isn’t forced. Unlike swag it brings about long lasting fulfillment that comforts and rewards. Ever wonder why some celebrities are considered vintage while others are seen as mere attention seekers at best and nuisances at worst? Well, apart from their professional skills, the classy celebs stay away from the bandwagon of their colleagues who showcase fake lives on social media. The resultant effect is that their fans appreciate them more for their rarity. When you possess substance you possess class.  You have the right kind of self confidence that doesn’t border on cockiness or arrogance. You command respect.

It is true that times have changed and are still changing. Gone are the days where just being a bookworm and getting the best result in school or bagging all the degrees available within a record time guaranteed success in life. Nowadays things are different and acquiring a multiplicity of skills and knowledge is more likely to ensure success than being the nerd that some of our parents wanted us to be. Indeed, some jobs require a bit of swag to pull off. And like I stated earlier, I have absolutely nothing against swag. However, the one who possesses a combination of substance and swag has plenty of edge over one whose only claim to fame is swag. There are too many vain people out there who lack true substance intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. They are only about the image and their mantra is “Fake it till you make it.” And that may turn out well for them as long as they make it eventually.

All I am saying is, as much as we are the cool generation who are very particular about our image, adding a little substance that will do us a whole lot of good as there is nothing attractive about a young man or woman who possesses all the swag in the world but has nothing else going for them. In the grand scheme of things, swag is nothing, substance is everything. Swag may give you the X- factor but substance is the real deal!




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  1. I couldn’t help laughing at ur quote ‘fake it till you make it’. from what u wrote, what readily came to my mind is about beauty and character (marital issues).beauty can attract a man to marry a woman but only character can retain that man.

    Add a little swag in ur daily living + good character and I think dats not bad.

  2. Well written Lolo. This is surely an interesting topic Lolo. It’s really irritating to see most young guys inner shorts hanging out all in the name of ‘swag’. Absurd dressing that keeps me wondering if there is still common sense left in this generation.

  3. Lol @ Fake it till u make it. There are too many vain pple that are concerned abt living a fake lifestyle n fake accent all in the name of Swag. I totally agree, swag is nothing, Substance is EVERYTiNG. Nice1 Lolo

  4. A well thought out topic. I like to take a look at this swag without substance in this other angle with an example, got a friend who is real, after the econmonic recess he work in a building firm who pay little to nothing as salary( this is not new), who decide to struggle it out himself, after some month I got a small break through political connection, the little profit he made he decide to get a car allow the swag and fake it stil you make it syndrome get to him because he want to impress and also go places with “big boys”. Six month down the line, reality dawn, work don’t cone like before, he has to keep borrowing to get the car up running, now the car is a spot for well over six month because he can afford to replace the four tires and battery. During one of my discussion with him, I ask him to calculate how much he spend on fuel daily then and other maintenance as the 150k I know he rake from friends and foes to put the 1m car t his taste. Now after one and half tear after purchase the car his a big liability to him. I rememver a lot of them make jest of another friends who still believe with his “leggings benz” keep getting jobs big and small. In all, before you run yourself down all in the name of swag check the substance you have to sustain your swag. Even if you lie to everybody don’t lied to yourself, always do a true appraisal of yourself every time and press forward

    1. The example you just gave is a classic case of penny wise, pound foolish. I also like the part where you said “check the substance you have to sustain your swag.” Thanks for commenting.

  5. Well written my friend. “Getting weird piercing and tattoos in the strangest of body part”. Honestly, it pisses me off seeing some of our young women wearing tattoos all in the name of swag.

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