Busting Birthday Blues!

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It’s my birthday today! Yippee!!! …ok, that’s trying to drum up some excitement for my special day which coincidentally is blog day! Birthdays are one of those days that get the average person excited and it is understandably so because it comes just once in 365 days! However, for me it is slightly different and even though I get excited about my birthday, I also become quite nervous each time my birthday approaches, a classic case of birthday blues. I don’t know if there are other people in my shoes even though I suspect there would be. It may be some sort of anxiety or apprehension which shows up towards any big day such as the first day at work, a wedding day, a woman’s due date of delivery. I get the birthday blues and it happens all the time!

Usually, birthday blues occurs as a result being upset at officially aging another year especially when certain expectations are not met. Sometimes, it is the expectations from the birthday itself when family and friends outrightly forget or do not celebrate us as much as we would have wished. Other times, one may not be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the uneasiness that comes with being older or maybe it’s the thought of being closer to our graves that gives us the jitters. Bottom line is -birthdays don’t always feel so glorious especially when we are unsatisfied with our accomplishments since the previous year.

Well, this year…this day, I have decided to bust the birthday blues (and I suggest that anyone who suffers from this “condition” does the same too) for I have more than enough to be thankful for. This year has been great so far, and even if I haven’t achieved anything at all, being alive which is a prerequisite for doing, feeling or achieving anything is the ultimate reason to be super thankful and grateful!  So what if certain expectations haven’t been met yet! If it’s your birthday today or around this period please break free from birthday blues and enjoy your day without any inhibition. Be thankful for what you have accomplished however insignificant it may seem and look forward to greater things ahead. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy and remember- being alive and well is the best birthday present ever!

Indeed I have countless reasons to celebrate one of which is the progress of this blog. For someone who worried about being an unknown writer who would command very little or no readership, over 4000 views and 300 comments on this blog between May and October isn’t exactly shabby and I have you my readers to thank for that. I am using this opportunity to thank you all for the support so far and urge you to keep supporting Lolo’s Thoughts by way of reading, sharing and commenting on the blog. Do spare some words for me in your prayers today.

P.S: I have decided to show a token of my appreciation and commemorate this day by giving out some call credit to the first 5 visitors on the blog. Forgive me, seeing that I haven’t “hammered” yet this will have to do for now.

It’s my birthday! I gotta go now. Catch you all next week.

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41 Replies to “Busting Birthday Blues!”

  1. Happy birthday darling **lots of hugs and kisses ” God’s blessings and favour will continually be with u,Amen
    P’s don’t say u havnt achieved any thing @ all o. U hve, by d way, dis blog started dis year Abi??? Its a great achievement following ur passion.
    Cheers darling and have fun.

    Yay!!! For d 1st time ever, I benefitted frm awoff. Lol. I got d airtel card ooo ” dancing alanta and azonto ” big smiles”. 2day is a great day! God will multiply ur purse,Amen.

    Have fun dear

    Ngozi Anwuli

    1. Yayyyy! I am so glad that you got one. You really have been a rock for me on this blog. Amen to the prayers. Thanks a lot Anwuli.

  2. Happy birthday Lolo the #CabalBoss, but they have chopped all these #CabalFood before I reached here na. Only one person could have loaded every. Next time add a twist like omitting one of the digits in each PIN or rewarding first five commenters.

    Many happy returns

  3. Many happy returns my dearest baby sis. Couldn’t have wished for a better sister because I’ve got the best(hugs & kisses).
    Let your hair down and have a splendid day. God’s hands r upon you now and always.

    1. Sorry dear am late. Happy bilated birthday. May God bless u more abundantly and grant u all the desires of ur heart IJN Amen.

  4. Lolo d blogger HBD.Ure a great achiever maybe you don’t know it but ure and am proud of you,I’ve known you for the past 22years of my life and permit me to say this;the story of my life will never be complete without mentioning the name Lolade.

    In my family the name Lolade has become a household name even among my friends and colleagues who doesn’t know u directly. I can never ever forget all ur impacts (positive) in my life,especially when I remember all our early days in Model College Meiran.U rmber our every night pranks on L… and Ob…. (we coined it every night duty),then days of LABAVA LOL etc.

    Words are not sufficient to appreciate u on this special day of urs,ure beautiful in and out,if it were possible for me to marry you I wouldn’t think about it twice, cos ure such a very gud friend, sister, ure down-to-earth, understanding, compassionate, u don’t form or pretend, and ure a GIVER.

    forget all d badbelle people,U’ll fulfill ur divine destiny in Jesus name.

    Happy Birthday.

    I miss d awuf credit ,I tried d airtel and etisalat and both were already gone. I only saw anwuli’s comment on d airtel credit awuf,so let d winners all confessoooo

    1. Awww. I had tears in my eyes reading this. Thank you so much for being a pillar to me too. Abeg don’t expose all those our shenanigans o! Lol. Amen to the prayers. Cheers!

  5. I used to have serious blues until I prayerfully and psychologically broke myself loose.. your submission is true. Keep the flag flying. Warm wishes as you celebrate another year. The Lord shall grant you your deepest heart desires this birthday year and give you reasons to rejoice and celebrate always. Have fun. Loads of love. However, didn’t get the recharge card birthday gift o. Other faster fingers got it before me.

  6. Dearest lolo, dis is to wish u a very happy birthday filled with every good things of life. I must say- u r doing wonderfully well even though some expectation of urs have not been met. Don’t get tired of asking GOD, in due time, ur prayers & wishes wld be met. Do have a funfilled birthday. Cheers!!!

  7. Birthdays comes once a year. Today is your special day, I wish you all the Best and pray heaven sends you a wonderful birthday gift. Many happy returns. Cheers.

  8. Na wa oo…Lolo, were people sleeping on this blog? Hahah…seriously didn’t load any. That one dey joo. Happy bday once again! May God fulfil all your heart desires. You are indeed a good person and I pray that God’s Blessings will forever be on you. Amen.

  9. Happy birthday dear sister! Some of us even see birthdays like any other day. We are always full of thanks for each day that we have to make impacts in people ‘s lives and make our world a better place to live in. It’s a time to reflect, take stock and move on. Have a great day! And l like your blog!

  10. Happy birthday, Lolade. So what of us that read ur blog and don’t have MTN and co?! Daris God o! :-). Have a fun filled day and a wonderful year to have expectations met and and exceeded by God. He is faithful. 🙂

    1. Haa! I need to find a solution to that in future o. But you people are international people na! Lool. Thanks a bunch ma’am.

  11. Lolly in d Pop! HBD dearie. . Do have a good one. This is just the begining of the best years. In respect to yet to be met desires; As yorubas will say – “oun ti o to leni, oun bo wa to, o de ma sheku” (this applies to all our expectations not just material. And hope you were able to read that . . Lol!). . Remain blessed homegirl. The sky is the limit! Many happy returns. I missed awoof with my lateness. . Choi!

    1. Yes o! I sure was able to read it, as omo yoruba toh sure! Thank you so much for always being suppotive. God bless you bro.

  12. I like this piece, I am one of those few individual who when growing up never celebrate any birthday just see it has one of those day until recently when I meet a woman who change my orientation and thought me how to be more thankful to God for life even if I don’t gather crowd to celebrate. I think I am in different dimension of birthday blues since 2008 , because I tends to recollect more on my birthday the numerous blessing I received and bother not about my failures. Therfore helping me to appeciate more the breath I got in me every second.

  13. I got d Etisalat, Anwuli got d airtel. Pls who got d glo and the two MTN phone credits? It would be nice knowing u guys.
    Hope u had a great time yesterday lolade.

    1. Hahaha! I didn’t get any feedback on the other call credits o! Oh well, I salute the speed of everyone who got my widows mite. Hehe!

  14. Bibi and anwuli have both confessed on the awuf call credit for etisalat and airtel respectively, other winners should confess soooo,its also a way of showing appreciation to Lolo for d kind gesture

  15. I am sad I missed out on the awoof airtime, being that I am just reading the Birthday Blues post 🙁

    My last birthday blues was about 2 years ago, I got depressed as my birthday month drew closer. I kicked it off the Blues by challenging myself into “30 things to do before 30” challenge which gave the buzz I needed at the moment. Now, on my birthday, I recollect all the many blessings I enjoyed in the year and stay grateful. We should enjoy all the times and seasons we go through in life.

    Congratulations on your blog. I am happy you write.

  16. Happy birthday sis. Better late than never. I wish you the best and pray that the blog sets you up beyond your expectations and that the desires of your heart are met in the year ahead.
    My birthday bubbles will likely be along the. Lines of your thots in the article – expectations, fulfilment, etc but I just try to have a cool. Time with. A Lot of reFlecting and setting new goals to achieve.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Ps. I no want recharge card…na phone or motor I want. plan the bonanza against next year own ooo.

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