Intelligence Is The New Sexy!

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“I really admire a woman for her intelligence, her personality. Beauty is not enough.” – Roberto Cavalli

In the last couple of weeks, music lovers all around the world have been found themselves serenaded and engulfed in the warm embrace of the British born singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins’ hit single “Hello” off her third studio album, 25. After a hiatus of three years, the 27 year old returned with more than a “bang,” making her fans all over the world appreciate the long awaited album even more. I haven’t hidden my love for “Hello,” just like many other people. The buzz has been absolutely worth it and one cannot but admire this young lady who has mastered and stayed true to her craft with all the simplicity and elegance anyone could muster since she blessed the world with the sounds from her vocal cords by the release of debut album seven years ago.

Adele has won several awards, was named one of the most influential people in the world by TIME magazine in 2013, and the success of her second album, 21, (the longest running number-one album by a female solo artist in the history of the UK and US album charts) earned her numerous mentions in the Guinness Book Of World Records. “Hello,” the lead single of her latest album is a world number-one hit, and is the first song to sell over one million digital copies in its first week of release. And you know the most inspiring part? She achieved all these while keeping her clothes on! A rarity in today’s world where it is generally believed that sex sells and a woman has to show quite a good portion of skin in order to be relevant in the entertainment industry. Adele’s numerous feats in the music industry has shattered that erroneous notion.

In Nigeria alone, there are at least ten covers of “Hello,” done by ten different artistes, in such a short space of time. Attesting to the widespread belief that it is no ordinary song, and by extension its composer and singer is not your run-off-the-mill artiste. This young lady, who can now be rightly referred to as a pacesetter once got flak for her weight, but maintained that she loved her look and would only consider losing weight if it affected her health or sex life. If that isn’t confidence then I don’t know what is. In a rapidly evolving world where beauty is determined by how close one can look to the rake thin models on the covers of glossy magazines, or voluptuous video vixens who have had cosmetic surgery in a bid to look as perfect as possible, it takes one who’s well grounded and comfortable in their own skin to remain true to their values in spite of the enormous pressure to succumb to societal norms and expectations.

I have always told anyone who cared to listen that it doesn’t hurt to be good looking (beautiful, handsome, cute, pretty, and other adjectives you may think of), but I have also always maintained that there has to be more to a person than their physical attributes. As much as most of us pray to be well advanced in age, before kicking the bucket, we as sure as daylight don’t look forward to that time when our skin starts to wrinkle as we grow older, and begin to have loose skin and a far less attractive gait. The not-so-good news is that these are realities that must come to pass for anyone who wants to grow old, and so it begs the question, “For how long can our attractive face and body really carry us?”…”For how long can we really sell bodily sexiness?” I don’t care about the amount of plastic surgeries you can afford, the fact is that nature has its way of showing up whether we like it or not. For all the multiple cosmetic surgeries popular comedienne, the late Joan Rivers had, she still looked like an old woman before her death, and she certainly couldn’t do anything about the croaky voice or slow movement that came with her age.

A ghastly accident can in one swift moment transform a very beautiful woman into a “monster.” An accident may cause memory loss (mostly in the short term), but cannot wipe out a person’s intelligence as it is a stable trait which includes many aspect of cognitive functioning. Sex appeal fades with time and age, whether we like it or not. The decline in the careers of former raves of the moment, Mariah Carey, Tony Braxton are pointers to the fact that it is virtually impossible to keep up with the demands of the ever visual entertainment industry, where new and younger acts ensure that the aging older ones lose their sex appeal very fast. Even the gorgeous Halle Berry is not the same person every guy was crushing on many years ago. Such is the short life span of the physical; which is why the wise ones constantly reinvent themselves or devote themselves to causes that can outlive them.

Very few attributes stimulate the body, as well as the mind like intelligence. The people we accord lasting respect are the intelligent ones. We may be attracted to a person for their looks, but we respect and look up to them because of their intelligence and what they have been able to achieve with it.

Intelligence is the charming quality that isn’t vain (by human standards anyway), it is the beauty that never fades. It is the attribute that sustains attraction over time because it is relatively constant.

Intelligence is the new sexy friends!

18 Replies to “Intelligence Is The New Sexy!”

  1. Preach it my lady. It is a common trait now that success is attributed to good looks and unnecessary swag. A lot of this people just project a wrong impression to the next generation.

  2. If you have both traits, even better.

    You get the attention with your looks (a faster method) and then you hold an intelligent conversation.

    Adele is a something else. Beyonce had to dance, show her body and then sing her lungs out. Adele’s seems effortless.

    I like to be both sexy and intelligent.

    1. Yes oh. I know people who have gotten opportunities just because of their looks. But like you said, if one has both, even better, though intelligence is far more sustainable. Thanks!

  3. I think showing skin is a sign of low self esteem even if they have made a name with it. I stand to be corrected of course. Adele is super good. She will definitely go down as the most successful British female artist of all time which currently held by Shade Adu and possibly the greatest British artist ever. “Set fire to the rain” is my best Adele song. Her vocal strength is just jaw dropping and reminds me of Whitney Houston. I just hope that her intelligence makes her live a good life and won’t go in the path of Whitney and others who after attaining success, fade out of the spotlight in controversy and embarrassment.

  4. although am not a fan neither do i really know her songs but am impressed by the qualities i have just read about the subject in discussion.

    what readily came to my mind as i was reading this interesting topic was ,nice body,fame,prestige,voice,intelligence,wealth,connections etc all is just plain vanity at the end of it all..what actually counts is HOW HAVE YOU LIVED YOUR LIFE? how have you used your voice,wealth or any God-given endowment to affect humanity positively?

    I was watching SilverBird’s 35th anniversary celebration the other day on TV and there was a part where all d beauty queens both past and present had to pose for a group photograph and i saw them though all still look beautiful but of course the focus and attention quickly focuses only on the present queen,even though they were all pretending to be happy and all smiling i could sense a deep sense of envy somehow.

    This life is just so temporal and vain,look at our very beautiful dezianne allision and see how she looks now with cancer,if she was only useful because of her beauty then there’s nothing more to her.

    I give it to Adele,beauty brains,intelligence etc but ultimately when we cross over to the other side,would all these count??????

    My humble school of thought

  5. An awesome piece lolade! Ever read d passage in d scriptures that says “beauty is vain”? It doesn’t take us far if nothing meaningful backs it up to sustain it, i.e IQ and a good character. What is beauty without these things?Those are d things that define who we are at the end of the day,not beauty. Beauty will forever be a temporary thing without meaning until we give it one. Besides,what is physical beauty without d inner beauty (A container full of canker worms!).

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