New Year Resolutions?…No Thank You!

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Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley

In less than 24 hours, we will be ushering in a new year to the shouts of joy and excitement from billions of enthusiastic humans all around the world. It is perhaps the most anticipated time of the year and many stay awake to witness the dawn of a new year. Another thing that a lot of people tend to do is resolve to achieve greater things in the new year. People adopt new year resolutions which makes sense to me, as what better time to drop old habits and start life on a clean slate than the beginning of a brand new year? What better time to resolve to work harder at losing weight, being kinder, being more patient, being a better husband or wife or taking ones business to the next level than the start of a new season? It is reasonable to have a goal for the new year.

Sadly, most of these plans which many swear to accomplish in the euphoria of the new year fall by the way side as early as a week into it. Many times, after the initial “gra gra” of the commencement of the year has quieted down, the precious to-do list for the year is jettisoned and we are back to our old ways (there’s a reason why it is often said that old habits die hard) once again. I would know because I was a typical example. For the first time in a long time, at the beginning of the year 2014, I didn’t really have a resolution apart from knowing deep within me that I intended to start this blog and working actively towards achieving that goal. I didn’t particularly have a list of the things I wanted to achieve in 2014 but found out that I ended up achieving a lot more than I did compared to the years where I consciously had a resolution. I intend to go that route again in 2015 to see if it would work once again, after all life is about experimenting.

One thing is sure, I want to be a better person in year 2015, I want to be better in everything I do…but then, I want to be a better person every day! I want to be better at all the things I do everyday! And so whether it is the highly anticipated Jan Ist 2015 or a random date like 19th August 2015, It really doesn’t matter! Which is one of the things I consider to be one of the downsides of having a new year resolution. Often times, when people fail to carry out their plan along the line, the will to get back on track regardless how far into the year time has gone by is no longer there. If a person sets a goal to lose weight and is too lazy or lacks the mental strength to follow through with it only to wake up one day to discover that it is the 28th of October, you can be sure that they would rather wait until another precious January Ist to commence the task of achieving that goal. The time that should have been spent getting back on track before the end of that year is wasted drawing up yet another list that will most likely remain unaccomplished in the new year!

I am not advocating that people stop adopting new year resolutions. All I am saying is that the desire to improve our lot in all aspect of our lives should be a daily task and not a yearly one. I am also saying that if for reason those of us who have resolutions for the new year falter in the middle of the road to keeping it, we should be ready to get right back up and trudge on! For one, not everyone gets the inspiration to set a goal at the beginning of the year, it may come at any other time, and so does it mean they have to wait until the following year to execute a new idea all in the name of joining the bandwagon of people who have new year resolutions?…I thought as much! New year resolutions are mostly borne out of the ecstasy of the moment and are overrated. If you must have a new year resolution though, keep it simple and achievable and ensure you try your best to accomplish it.

P.S: I’d like to thank everyone for the love and support shown to this blog in the year 2014. May God bless and reward you all abundantly. Here’s wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous 2015!





12 Replies to “New Year Resolutions?…No Thank You!”

    1. …and I get a new commenter on the very last day of the year! Yayy! Thank you so much. Here’s wishing you the very best of year 2015.

  1. New year resolution without will, discipline, resilience and absolute reliance on the spirit of God amounts to nothing.we should live a purposeful life daily With a strong desire to be better.

  2. My new year resolution is to always read your blog. Lol

    Wonderful post. Keep up the Good work & I pray that begin to see the benefit of your diligent commitment to writing. & other areas. Of life. Amen

  3. Hmmmmm……Lolade……nice write up….This is my first time on ur blog and my new year resolution is to consistently follow you!!!

  4. I’m back! Hehehehehehehe. . And my new year resolution is to try making new year resolutions forthwith. . . Lol! Guess i’m too lazy for these things and i just take on each day as it comes though with set objectives and goals in mind. I admire those who make resolutions and actually abide by them. Its sure a lot of work. Beautiful piece Lolade. Have a blessed and rewarding 2015!

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